FREE How to Homeschool Book from The Thinking Tree

FREE: “How to Homeschool” Book

I’ve been researching The Thinking Tree’s books for a while, so I was excited to see that their book How to Homeschool was free in PDF format.  This book is great for the seasoned homeschool family who needs motivation or the new homeschool family who needs instruction.

From the publisher:

Have you heard of Fun-Schooling? Does the idea of “Fun & School” spark hope and longing within you? We all know that children learn best when they are delighting in the lesson!

We all know that children learn best when they are curious. We all know that children learn best then they believe that what they learn is going to make a difference.

You are a mother who wants to give your child a meaningful and fun education that actually prepares them for the future, not just for college. You want them to take joy in learning and learn important skills at a young age. You want your children to do more than pass a test and get a diploma. You want your child to learn how to live a life of creativity, integrity, wisdom, innovation and kindness. You want to give your child the tools he or she needs to fulfill their personal goals for a specific calling or career goals.

There is no one-size-fits-all education. “How to Homeschool” Gives you the tools to help you to give your child a customized education that is both delightful and rellevent in this changing world!

You can read more about the book here, or follow the link to get your FREE DOWNLOAD.

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