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Become a Bold Believer

One of our favorite geography supplements is the FREE Bold Believers series from Kids of Courage/Voice of the Martyrs. Each book in the series features a restricted nation and includes stories, activities, recipes, and cultural information about the focus nation. This amazing resource helps your learners immerse themselves in the culture of each featured country and learn how to pray for the children and countries highlighted.

From the publisher:

Each book includes stories, photos, activities, and facts for readers ages 5 to 13. The books have information about restricted countries, people groups, and religions from a Christian viewpoint not found in country books for children in public libraries.

There are over 30 books in the series and 40+ pages per book, so there is plenty to keep your kids engaged. Best of all, Kids of Courage offers the entire series for free via PDF download.  All you need to do is register (also free and WORTH IT)! 🙂

Extension Ideas

Use the following resources to extend your studies:

Print free “passports” and keep track of your “travels.”  If you prefer a less ink intensive version, use the free passport printables from Cotton Ridge Homeschool.  If you use this option, she also has printable travel tickets for kiddos who want to extend their imaginative play.

Use the country guide from Operation World to learn more about a long list of countries and their needs. Each country has a printable prayer card, too, so this resource is a gem!

Operation World also has a free prayer app

For your older learners (high school and above), download The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional for free (scroll down after following the link; the freebie is at the bottom of the page).  According to the publisher:

The Persecuted Church Prayer Devotional lists over sixty countries that are in desperate need of prayer. It describes the past and present situation in each country and the challenges and opportunities for the future. Prayer points help the reader focus on specific areas of intercession once he or she is well informed. This excellent source of prayer for the persecuted church will be beneficial for churches, mission supporters and mission agencies as a way to become informed and involved with the global church.

Download a free prayer calendar coloring book

Check the Voice of the Martyrs web site for a restricted nation map.

Order a free prayer map from Every Home for Christ. You can get an adult or children’s version – or both.

I highly recommend the book Window on the World – my kids love it! (We have the older version, but we plan to update with this new edition when we get the chance!) 🙂

As always, I hope you enjoy these resources!

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