Free Nature Education Magazine for Kids

Free Online Nature Education Magazine for Kids

My kids are all-things-nature, so I am beyond excited about this FREE online nature education magazine for kids (and their grown-ups)! 🙂

According to (the Wild Kids magazine web site):

Wild Kids magazine was created to help teach kids and their grown-ups about nature and all the ways it’s awesome. Every month, you’ll learn about a different wild plant that you can forage and how to use it. We’ll also share seasonal ways to get out in nature, botanical coloring pages, nature-based crafts and activities, nature-based poems, weather facts and lots more.

We know that people live in all kinds of places with all kinds of weather and types of nature, so we’ll try to offer stuff that will be helpful for as many families as possible.

For each month, check for additional links and resources to round out the month’s themes.”

She’s working on getting a subscription button added to her website, but for now you can download issues (including back issues) directly from Wild Kids is a must-see!

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