Jim Hodges Download-a-Month Club SALE

Download-a-Month Club Sale!

Do your kids love audio books?  Do you have an auditory learner?
Subscribe to the Jim Hodges Download-a-Month Club before the end of the January and pay only $5.99 a month to get access to one audiobook download per month. The regular price for each download is $18!
Simply agree to remain a member of the Download-A-Month Club for 12 months, and you will pay only $5.99 a month. The $5.99 monthly charge purchases a coupon (that never expires!) for an $18 download. They will email you the purchase confirmation and coupon code. Log in to the site and use the coupon to purchase ANY download you want!
You can choose from 59 unabridged recordings, including G.A. Henty titles, classic literature, Yesterday’s Classics, and more; plus there are 10 new recordings coming soon! The shortest recording is 3 hours and 20 minutes; the longest is 23 hours!

Check out some of the titles that you can download:

The Cat of Bubastes

Photo Credit: Jim Hodges Audio Books
Setting: AD 1250 B.C. – Egypt
Story:  This book covers the oldest time period of any of the Henty novels. In it, young readers will learn much about the domestic life, customs, religion, and military system of ancient Egypt. Amuba, a prince of the Rebu nation on the shores of the Caspian Sea, with his charioteer Jethro, is carried into slavery after losing a battle with the Egyptians. They become servants of the house of Ameres, an Egyptian high priest, and are quite happy there until the priest’s son accidentally kills the sacred cat of Bubastes. The locals rise up in rage and kill Ameres, and Jethro and Amuba must escape with the high priest’s son and daughter. After crossing the desert to the Red Sea, they eventually make their way back to freedom.

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Beric the Briton

Photo Credit: Jim Hodges Audio Books

Setting: AD 61 – England, Rome, and Italy – Gladiators, the Coliseum, Rome burns. The invasion of Britain by the Roman legionaries is the setting for this story.

Story: Beric, a boy-chief of a British tribe, takes a prominent part in the insurrection against Rome under Queen Boadicea. These efforts are useless against the mighty Roman army. For a short time, Beric and his companions continue the fight but are ultimately defeated and taken as prisoners to Rome. Through the eyes of Beric, the reader learns of life in 61 A.D. Rome, the gladiatorial schools, the great fire and life in Nero’s court. This classic work will shed light upon an event much neglected in history today.

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Stories of the Pilgrims from Yesterday’s Classics

Photo Credit: Jim Hodges Audio Books
Beginning with Queen Anne’s visit to Scrooby Inn, Stories of the Pilgrims tells, in story form, the everyday life of the Pilgrims in England and Holland, of their voyage on the Mayflower, and their adventures in the New World. The Brewster children and other Pilgrim boys and girls are the center of interest.

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Ten Girls from History

Photo Credit: Jim Hodges Audio Books 

Prepare to befriend ten of the bravest girls of history! Whether saving lives at sea with Ida Lewis; experiencing the battlefields of the Civil War with Clara Barton; or learning the life story of Louisa May Alcott, you will be inspired by the faith, courage, and devotion of these ten girls from history! Girls of all ages will enjoy meeting these ten unforgettable girls, and parents will appreciate the godly examples provided by the lives of these remarkable women!

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American History Stories from Yesterday’s Classics

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The 200 chapters cover all of American History from the time of the explorers through the end of the Civil War – stories of conflicts over religion, the French and Indian War, the causes of the American Revolution, the daring exploits of those defending liberty, the early battles and struggles of the army, the heroes who led the colonists to victory, anecdotes from the time Washington became president, the War of 1812, the rise of Andrew Jackson, the sectional differences leading to the Civil War, stories from the time Lincoln and the southern states seceding, through the battles of Bull Run, Shiloh, Antietam, Vicksburg, Gettysburg, Chickamauga, until the close of the war.

This is a great sweeping overview of American History that includes stories, poems, and songs.

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More details about this great sale:

1. The amazing price saves you 66% on each download
2. The coupon you receive never expires, so you can save them up if you want and use them for birthdays or Christmas presents.
3. YOU decide which title to download – no more waiting for a title to go on sale.
4. You OWN the recording! Put it on as many devices as you have in your house!
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