Learn About Exploration with Free Resources from the Mariners’ Museum!

The Age of Exploration

Watch a short three-minute video on YouTube about the Age of Exploration (parent preview recommended).  Then check out the Mariners’ Museum and Park links below to learn more!

The Mariners’ Museum and Park

The Mariners’ Museum and Park offers great educational resources and interactive activities for your own explorers to learn more about…exploration!

Your learners can read about ancient through modern explorers, their voyages, their ships, and their tools!

  • Discover who built some of the earliest ships ever recorded.
  • Learn which ships were useful for resupply missions.
  • Find out the interesting name of one of the most easily navigable ships in the ancient world.
  • Learn the name of the underwater laboratory that allows scientists to explore the ocean floor longer and more up close.
  • Read about the tool that uses the shadow of the sun instead of the direct view of the sun to obtain the altitude.

Explore More!

Not only can you read about explorers and their missions, you also can view galleries featuring the explorers in famous works of art, watch videos of various explorer tools in use, learn important vocabulary words, and more!

For extra learning, follow-up your studies with interactive online games and free printables!

Now, go explore!

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