A New Giveaway, a Freebie, and the Amazon Kids’ Listening Sale

Right now we’re enjoying some of the audiobooks we purchased during the Audible “Kids’ Listening Sale” on Amazon.  We don’t have an Audible membership, so it has been fantastic to be able to take advantage of these deals.   Even better, since these are downloads, we don’t have to wait to start enjoying them.

My children definitely prefer that I read to them (which surprises me because I’m not a big fan of hearing myself read out loud).  However, for times when I’m too tired to read or for long car rides, these are great!  So far I’ve really been pleased with the narrators, too. Good narrators certainly help make the story exciting and engaging!

Since we are going through American history with three of our kids this year, I’m listing some of the audiobooks we’ve added (or hope to add) to our collection.  If you’re using Sonlight, Heart of Dakota, My Father’s World, Ambleside Online, or any other literature-rich curriculum, you’ll probably find something on sale that’s also on your book list!  (Just be aware that the sale ends on November 27.)

These are just a few of the great books they have on sale.  After the list you’ll find a fun freebie I created for us to use with some of our audiobooks (as well as our “regular” books)!

(For the sleep deprived, make sure you click the “Buy with 1-Click” button, not the “Free with Audible Trial” button.  Using the “Buy with 1-Click” button allows you to purchase without committing to a membership.)  🙂

General American History/Historical Fiction

The Courage of Sarah Noble – $1.95

The Matchlock Gun – $1.95

Schoolhouse in the Woods – $1.95

Schoolroom in the Parlor – $1.95

Song of the Trees – $2.95

American Tall Tales – $2.95

Sarah, Plain and Tall – $3.95

Caddie Woodlawn – $3.95

Brighty of the Grand Canyon – $3.95

Miracles on Maple Hill – $3.95

Rifles for Watie – $3.95

The Watsons Go to Birmingham: 1963 – $3.95

Amos Fortune – $3.95

Sounder – $3.95

Mr. Tucket – $3.95

The American Plague – $3.95

A Gathering of Days – $3.95


Jean Fritz Audiobooks

I’m listing these because they’re a great deal, but we actually prefer the books over the audiobooks because of the heavy picture content in the books. If you’re traveling, these would be perfect for long car rides!

Where Do You Think You’re Going, Christopher Columbus? – $1.95

Who’s That Stepping on Plymouth Rock? – $1.95

What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin – $1.95


American Girl Collections

Kirsten: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Kit: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Molly: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Addy: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Samantha: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Kaya: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)

Rebecca: An American Girl – $3.95 (all six books)



The Peter Rabbit Collection – .95 CENTS!

A Child’s History of the World – $1.95

The House at Pooh Corner – $1.95

Now We Are Six – $1.95

The Black Stallion – $1.95

The Wind in the Willows – $2.95

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH – $3.95

Rascal – $3.95

Eight Cousins: or The Aunt Hill – $3.95

Where the Red Fern Grows – $3.95

Sea Star – $3.95

Stormy, Misty’s Foal – $3.95

Winnie the Pooh – $3.95

The Door in the Wall – $3.95



I created a little activity pack for my nine and seven-year-old to expand their imaginative play time after listening to (or reading) a book.  We wanted to share it with our readers as well! Right now we have one with a Thanksgiving theme (and a second Thanksgiving-themed pack with fewer floral designs). If you are visiting after Thanksgiving, I’ve also got one with a non-seasonal theme!  If you choose to share, please remember to link directly to this blog and not the file itself, and please remember to give proper credit! 🙂




Our giveaway for the Adventures in Odyssey: Countdown to Christmas Advent Collection is over, but be sure to follow our Facebook page to find out about our next giveaway.

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